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Benefits of Membership - We provide advice and support to our members by:
  1. Monthly Newsletters and meetings keep you informed of the latest in regulations, grants, events, local development information, legal issues etc.
  2. Contact with our hoteliers and guest house and self catering owners offers an opportunity to speak to experienced members.
  3. Liaison between the Association and the Police means we find out and ring round or e-mail if there are anticipated problems.
  4. Access to legal advice from local solicitor who offers the first half hour of consultation free of charge.
  5. Provision of Handbook which offers a wealth of information.
  6. Contact with local authorities helps us influence local decision making and represent the views of our members.
We aim to benefit our members by:
  1. Keeping everyone up to date with free/subsidised training information, grants and funding availability, business seminars, changing regulations etc.
  2. Donating money each year to tourist based events and groups so improving the facilities in the town and environment.
  3. Providing an entry onto the Associationís web site which is included in the membership fee.
  4. Offering discounts with selected local suppliers each year which are exclusive to our members, eg i-know Yorkshire website, B&Q, WestBS, MKM (full list provided in Handbook)
  5. A busy calendar of social events that will enable you to get to know other members and build lasting friendships.
  6. Quality standards of the BTA are accepted by ERYC thus allowing advertising in the Bridlington Guide and bookings via the Tourist Information Centres.
  7. Providing a service for Lost Keys.
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